10 acres on the E87 main road connecting the Republic of Bulgaria with the countries of Romania, Moldova and Ukraine. in the area of ​​the village of Bojurets. The property has an approved project for a logistics center

The field is close to the largest golf course on the Black Sea, Thracian Cliffs, built with luxury hotels and holiday villages.

The investment project for the Logistics and Trade Center has an approved design visa.

A general development plan has been drawn up and approved, and it has been agreed with Energy Supply, Water Supply, Riokos (HEI) Dobrich, there is a PUP prepared and approved, an opinion from Energy Supply, Water, Riokos (HEI) Dobrich, an environmental assessment with an opinion from RISW – the city of Varna and approved project by API for diversion to the logistics center.

The preliminary project envisages the construction of an office part + rest rooms, a commercial part, two logistics buildings, a gas station and a parking lot. The total built-up area is 6744 sq.m.

Price per sq.m. is 50 euros.